Manual Therapies

Whether your goal is to simply relax or to do deeper, more corrective work, there is an option that is right for you at Estúdio Cerne. Choose from the menu of services below and request an appointment via phone, text, or email. 


This gentle, non-invasive treatment utilizes energy healing techniques and light touch to promote a deep sense of peace and overall wellbeing. Throughout this treatment the client remains clothed and minimal touch is used. (If you prefer no touch, please request this and you will be accommodated.) 



Massages combine Swedish relaxation massage techniques with deeper therapeutic work to promote healthy change in the tissues and more ease in the body.

Some benefits of regular manual therapy include:

-improved circulation and immune function

-release of toxins and chronic tension in the musculature

-feelings of general wellbeing and lowered anxiety

-better quality of sleep

-improved digestion


60 min treatments


€40 sustainability price

€50 solidarity price

30 min treatments


€25 sustainability price

€30 solidarity price

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