Estúdio Cerne is an intimate space perfect for individual yoga study and practice. Within the studio I offer individual yoga consultations. Check back frequently for updates on online workshops and courses. 

Yoga Consultations - 90 minutes

Yoga consultations are great for beginners who wish to start a personal yoga practice with a bit a guidance. They are also beneficial for those with experience looking to adjust their practice to accommodate changes in life such as an injury, illness, or pregnancy.

Work with me to create a practice that meets your current goals and needs. We'll then go through the practice together to ensure that you are working in a way that is safe and effective. Take notes, photos, or video and then use your practice at home.

*Also available via Zoho Meeting. 




Upcoming Workshop Series - November 8-December 13

Crone Yoga: Crossing the Menopausal Bridge

On average, women spend the better part of a decade crossing over into the third phase of life marked by menopause. While each may experience the period leading up to menopause (perimenopause) differently it is often a time of great change with indicators ranging from more commonly discussed physical ones (hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia) to those less discussed and often more insidious ones (feelings of loneliness and invisibility, barely manageable mood alteration, crushing fatigue, libido changes, vaginal atrophy).

Some of the best medicine that I have found throughout my own journey through Perimenopause has been my personal yoga practice and the honest, generous sharing and support that I get from other women going through this transition.

My hope in designing this series of workshops for women is to share rituals and practices that might help us to navigate this path with a bit more ease, comfort, and perhaps even joy. I look forward to Sundays and these two hours per week to connect, share, laugh, and to feel good in our bodies.

Each week we will gather online via ZOOM to discuss the weekly theme and then practice simple, accessible yoga postures, meditation, and breathing techniques designed to help us embody each theme. I will be on hand to offer alternatives or modifications to postures by request and an outline (including pictures) of each practice will be provided after each meeting so that you may use it whenever needed.

Following our weekly online meetings discussion and questions may continue throughout the week via our private Facebook group designated just for this series.

Proposed themes for practice and discussion:
-pelvic health (circulation, strengthening, awareness)
-connecting to inner wisdom
-restorative yoga for improved sleep
-accessing authentic power and channeling outrage
-calming and focusing an overactive mind
-nurturing for times of overwhelm

November 8-December 13
6-8pm (Lisbon time)

To register please contact Heidi here or via email at Payments may be made via bank transfer or PayPal by November 6.

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